Want to know how strong your password? Kaspersky will help you

PasswordMany people believe they have figured out how to make a secure password, without going through the dangerous trade of banality. But not all have idea how hard it is to find an effective way.

The guidelines that we find on web services, to which we register usually, recommend or require a combination of letters and numbers from a minimum length of 8 characters (the most demanding also ask a capital letter).
Well, nowadays a password built following those dictates is insufficient and just going on the website “Kaspersky Password Secure Check”, we can finally check if our data are really safe.

Once you insert the secret combination in the field, the service will calculate how long it would be necessary, to a series of tools, to guess the password.
The list of results is composed of four estimates that correspond to different types of computers. The first is relative to the computing power of a ZX Spectrum, then the values ​​of a Macbook Pro, the Conficker botnet and the supercomputer Tianhe-2.

On top you can find an indication of any problems in the password chosen, as for example the “use of very common words” or “sequences of letters on the keyboard.” A sentence then, closes the analysis showing the time needed to someone to crack the password.

At this point, it’s up to us to decide if we are happy with the level of robustness of our password: fine hours of calculation can be fine? Or is better a month? What about stay safe for a year to be sure? Take a trip on the site and then draw your own considerations.



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