The most corrupt countries in the world

CorruptionIt has been presented the annually report of Transparency International on the perception of corruption around the world, developed through the opinions and evaluations of various experts of 12 different international organisations, like the World Bank, the African Development Bank or the Bertelsmann Foundation.

Transparency International is an international nongovernmental organisation that is responsible for monitoring and combating corruption. They calculate in six billions the number of people living in countries with high rates of corruption.
The index ranked 168 countries this year (or “territories”, because in some parts of the world has not been possible to find any data, such as in Western Sahara, which is part of the Kingdom of Morocco) based on perceived levels of corruption in the public sector. 68% of these, it is clear from the report, have serious problems with corruption. Half are G20 countries.

Five of the ten most corrupt countries, in the ranking, are also among the least peaceful places in the world: Angola, South Sudan, Sudan, Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia, which results to be the most corrupt country in the world.

In countries like Guatemala, Ghana and Sri Lanka instead, associations and citizens activists have achieved extraordinary results against corruption, and this suggests that Burkina Faso, for example, next year will rise in the standings (after driving out the dictator, prevented a shot status and voted the first democratic government in the country’s history), sending what is a clear signal: “the corruption can be beaten if we work together”.

José Ugaz, Chairman of Transparency International is very clear about it: “To eradicate the abuses of power, corruption and shed light on secret agreements, citizens must demonstrate to their governments that they have had enough”.

This is the Top 10 of the least corrupt countries in the world: 1) Denmark (91 points); 2) Finland (90); 3) Sweden (89); 4) New Zeland (88); 5) Netherland (87); 6) Norway (87); 7) Switzerland (86); 8) Singapore (85); 9) Canada (85); 10) Germany Luxembourg, United Kingdom (81).

Here is the world map of the Corruption Perception Index 2015



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