The most beautiful cities in the world


TripAdvisor elected the most popular international tourist destinations. Listing the winning cities of the “Travelers’ Choice Destinations Awards 2016”.

In the opinion of travelers surveyed, London is the coolest city of the moment, closely followed by Istanbul and Marrakech.

The travel destinations of the “Travelers’ Choice Destinations Award 2016” does not mean spending a fortune. Checking the rankings you will be able to find low prices (even less then 100£) on 5 of the Top 10 spots.
The absolute cheapest is Siem Reap in Cambodia, where between March and December 2016, the average price per night is 64,64 €. Followed by the most affordable Hanoi and Prague, with average prices per night respectively of 72,77 € and 77,81 €.

Significantly more expensive is, of course, New York, where one night costs an average of € 289.28. London also earns a place among the most expensive destinations, with an average of 181.85 Euros per night, still down 7.9% from last year, where a night in the English capital costed an average of € 197.39.

Here are the rankings of the Travelers’ Choice Destinations Awards 2016:

Top 10 World
1. London, England
2. Istanbul, Turkey
3. Marrakech, Morocco
4. Paris, France
5. Siem Reap, Cambodia
6. Prague, Czech Republic
7. Rome, Italy
8. Hanoi, Vietnam
9. New York City, New York
10.Ubud, Bali

Top 10 Europe
1. London, England
2. Istanbul, Turkey
3. Paris, France
4. Prague, Czech Republic
5. Rome, Italy
6. Barcelona, Spain
7. Lisbon, Portugal
8. St. Petersburg, Russia
9. Amsterdam, Netherlands
10.Budapest, Hungary



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