The App against food waste, with “Too Good To Go” meals for 2 euros

26d6579a6ecee9c741be8fdebff0eb05_croppedThe food that every day advances in restaurants and that normally ends up in the trash will now have a different destination.

A new app, against food waste, has been created for smartphones and tablets. You can now buy, at very advantageous prices, the unsold dishes. Is called “Too good to go” and stresses the concept of food that is too good to go wasted.

Created in Denmark, the app has arrived in Paris and in Berlin, where you can buy meals from two euros. Now, after cities such as Manchester and Birmingham, arrives also in London, thanks to the participation of hundred restaurants.

Directly from the application, users can order food, which costs between 2 and 3.80 pounds, pay via credit card and then go and pick it up at the time indicated, usually after lunch and dinner times.
When ordering, customers can also donate a pound and offer a meal to those in need.

“Eat well, save money and save the planet” is the essence of the app.
The intention of the creators is to bring benefits to the restaurants that sell what otherwise will be wasted, to citizens who enjoy deep discounts and, above all, to Earth, by combating the alimentary waste.



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