Beware of pimples, squeeze them can cost your life


Most people are well aware that squeeze pimples and black points may present a risk of infection, but even so, the temptation is so strong to pass the risk.

But there is a particular area of our body where they usually appear more then usual and is called the triangle of danger. It might sound like a horror movie, but it’s something we should take very seriously when it comes to personal care.

“Underestimate how to squeeze pimples incorrectly can be a health hazard,” says Dr. Vishal Maden, dermatologist of the English city of Salford.

The danger zone, identified by dermatologists, is the one that forms a triangle that starts from the center of the eyebrows and which is based on an imaginary line drawn between the upper and lower lip. In these areas, experts say, the skin is rich of blood vessels, connected directly with the brain and is incredibly rare (but possible), in case of infection, to develop a complication that can lead from loss of vision, to permanent paralysis or even death.


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