The US presidential budget elections


Smaller budget sometimes can also lead to victory. It has been very rare in the US presidential true, and last time it happened was with Carter in 1976, where he won the election running on a smaller budget than his rival.

But what is the situation in 2016? Well the data’s are $96.2m Trump versus $374.3m H. Clinton.

Another data to consider is that since 1960 every presidential election has been won by the party with the most money to campaign, with the sole exception of Carter in 1976 ($33.4m Carter versus $35.7m Ford).

But if this last point can be in advantage of H.Clinton, to pair things up for Trump we have to consider that since 1960 only one party has won three consecutive presidential elections, the Republicans in 1980 (Regan), 1984 (Regan) and 1988 (Bush).

In the graphic above there is a more detailed analysis of the elections since 1960.




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