The innovative touristic guide to visit London

aaeaaqaaaaaaaagiaaaajgm4ztjintbkltm5m2etndc2ys05zjbhlwjjnmi0ytzkzwiynaYouthful and innovative, there are infinite start-ups, but there is one in particular that is trying to change the complex world of travel guides.
For now only available in London, Local Freddie is the first start up in the market, also app, offering a unique and engaging way of visiting the city.

Forget the maps and tour operators because it is something completely different, where a tour guide (not professional), in other words a Freddie or simply a friend, accompanies you around the city.

As a sort of Uber, you can select your tour according to a range of chosen activities that are proposed (from parks, ethnic markets, art galleries, pubs or passing to night life and much, much more) in your favourite area of the English capital (any area, there are no limits).


Just one click and automatically, at any time of the day or night, you can meet with a “Freddie guide” that will take you around the city.

The idea came from an Italian girl, Victoria Arnold, after a journey “full of pitfalls” with the current partner, Paolo Giorgetti, in St. Petersburg: “I went to visit the city and I thought, given the many travels made around the world in the past, it would be easy to move from side to side, searching out interesting places. I was completely wrong. After a night spent looking for someone who could speak English and who could show me some not touristic restaurants, I decided to go back to the hotel, but was in that moment that I had a flash of inspiration”.

“On the return trip to Italy, with my partner, we spoke and came up with the idea: why don’t we try to create something simple, where someone who lives the city on a daily basis makes you discover new places, in a relaxed and friendly way. Long story short: this is an easy concept to use and, most of all, handy. Now we started, and after London we aim to go to Madrid “.

Local Freddie



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