The solution to enjoy your holidays till the last minute

How many times it happened to be on holiday and, only a few hours before departure, absolutely want to go visit that particular shop, or that record store which is located far from where you are and the only way to go is to bring along all your luggage?

A group of friends in Milan thought the perfect solution, and created a new, useful, app, named BagApp.

The concept is simple: you must leave the hotel room at ten in the morning, but you will be leaving late at night? You’re in town for a daily conference and you have free time to explore the surroundings? BagApp offers travellers a network of storage rooms, located in the city centre and close to public transports, where you can leave your bags and visit the city hands free.


Currently located in London, Milan, Rome, Venice, Berlin and Prague, but as the minds of the project say, it is only the starting point: “Our ultimate goal is to have a network of affiliate stores BagApp, in all major cities of the world! The hope is that the brand and the idea of short-term storage can be recognised in the future, in the same way as an AirBnB, and that the brand will become synonymous with freedom to travel.”

The idea, originally oriented to the world of hospitality, it transformed into something different: “Today more and more people prefer apartments to hotels, to enjoy greater comfort at reasonable prices. This type of accommodation does not offer typical hotel services, such as luggage storage. Once the key is returned, you are forced to wander around until departure. And that’s where we come in to help.”

“Even if your location is downtown, you can take full advantage of your last day of vacation, freely visiting the suburbs, or a museum outside the city, for example by choosing a BagApp storage near a tube station, a taxi station or a bus stop close to where you will need to go later. We optimise the time available to enjoy the holidays till the last minute.”

Another important point is that you don’t need to make any upfront payment and reservations can be done at any time, with prices starting from just €3.
The useful function ‘Take me there’ also, shows how to reach the deposit on Google Maps: “Despite the many difficult moments, the true initial difficulty was to enlist the first hotels and convince them, because we understand that as an idea it can be innovative and brilliant but no one wants to be the first to test it.”

By now, however, the difficulties seem to be over and the expansion began.



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