The paradox of North Korea, more dangerous if dead than alive

What can be worse than a brutal regime, led by a dictator unfriendly and bloody, that starves his people, is armed to the teeth and threatens the world to become the smallest and most dangerous nuclear power? Answer: The end of that brutal and bloody regime.

The bitter realisation that North Korea and their status quo is crucial for the three main geopolitical power in the world: United States, China and Russia.
The most militarized zone in the world is a souvenir of the Cold War and, above all, the substantial acquiescence of the three superpowers, which have so far ensured the survival of the last Stalinist regime on this planet, with a per capita GDP of $2,000 a year and the fourth largest army in the world.


In the last decades, Russia, US and China alternate to ensure the dynasty of Kim to maintain their power.
Until its end, was controlled by the Soviet Union. From the mid 90s until the early years of this decade instead the Americans humanitarian aid, helped to allow the North Koreans to be reduce by two-thirds the number of malnourished children. Since 2002, ever since George W. Bush included North Korea in the so-called Axis of Evil, Pyongyang lives instead solely on the shoulders of Chinese aid, with which it is linked, since the days of Mao, by a pact of cooperation and mutual aid in case of war.

So why is there so much attention for a small state just slightly bigger then Portugal? And why, above all, there are so many protectors, for the Pyongyang regime?
The answer is simpler than you think and you just need to open a geographical map to find it: North Korea is the only country with which borders are Russia, China and a “protectorate” of the US military as South Korea, with 37 thousand soldiers deployed along the 38th parallel.

The regime lives the hostility between Washington, Moscow and Beijing and they’ve known this very well. Not surprisingly, they began to arm themselves to the teeth from the end of the Cold War and have continued to do so. Becoming dangerous was the way in which North Korea was protected, in case ceases to be necessary.

The status quo hold so far, seems to be fine to all the superpowers involved and the reason in simple: China, in case of reunification of the two Korea, would have the US troops deployed close to the border and would handle a flow of millions of North Korean refugees.
The United States, do not look lightly at the prospect of being involved in a nuclear conflict, that would call into play the Asia-Pacific arena.
And Russia will also be exposed to the repercussions of an exchange of nuclear bombs at its Far Eastern border.
As for South Korea and Japan, North Korea’s is the first target of the offensive. So very close.

If America has intervened is because the danger threshold for safety has been exceeded, without Beijing beating an eyelash. What Trump did in recent weeks, in other words, was to put “the dispute” in the hands of Xi Jinping. Aware, despite all, that he knows how to move on an carpet of eggs.
He knows he cannot conspire against the survival of North Korea, because the end of the Pyongyang regime will upset the balance between the three superpowers. With its provocations, he is simply asking China to make some pressure for not diminish the danger. North Korea in fact is in life thanks to China and to raw materials and food. Americans know this and want the Chinese to move, to act.

They will, is the prediction of many experts, because even they agree that the situation could deteriorate. But they also know that more time goes by, more risks are taken and more the price goes up. And in Beijing, Trump protectionism, is not seen in a good way.


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