A small bubble will be the water bottle of the future

It has the shape of a small spherical bubble, soft and transparent, but above all it is edible, economical and biodegradable.
It is called “Ooho” and is the bottle of the future that aims to revolutionise the transport (and consumption) of liquids, with an eye to the environment.
Invented in 2014 by three Spanish engineers (Rodrigo García González, Guillaume Couche and Pierre Paslier) who now have just launched a fundraiser to get it to market within a year.


More precisely they are liquid bubbles, which can be easily ingested into a single bite, have a dual gelatinous membrane and consist in a mixture of sodium alginate, obtained from seaweed and calcium chloride. To create them it had been used the gelation technique (used in the kitchen), which consists in transforming a liquid substance into a gel by adding a gelling agent.

The cost of producing a single bubble is very modest: only 2 cents.
“Ooho is a viable alternative to plastic bottles and cups, totally biodegradable and so natural that you can also eat it”, the three inventors point out in their crowdfunding site, “packaging is cheaper than plastic and can contain any beverage, including soft drinks, liqueurs and even cosmetics.”


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