The tweet that shows the American paradox, yes to guns, no to Kinder eggs

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre, America continues to debate – even on Twitter – about the spread of weapons.
A photo posted on the platform, in particular, points out to all an American paradox: in the United States, in fact, you can shoot freely with a rifle or gun, but you will be in trouble selling a chocolate Kinder egg.

Why? The answer is very simple: children could suffocate and so they can be risky for their health. Rifles, however, are completely legal, although it is not always easy to keep them away from children.
Kinder chocolate eggs are seen on display in a supermarket in Islamabad
To point out this contradiction, a man, Piers Morgan, posted the photo of the Kinder, writing: “This is forbidden because it is dangerous to health. Semi-automatic rifles are legal”.

The post has been re-twitted by more than 10,000 people in a short time and received more than 18,000 likes.

Many users agree with Morgan. Others, however, point out that the massacres occur even if weapons are not liberalised. Others still refer to the Second Amendment of the American Constitution – which sanctions the right to possess weapons – and, ironically, recall that the US Constitutional does not guarantee the right to chocolate and, therefore, to the Kinder egg.

However, between factual data and paradoxes the weapons debate in the United States remains open. And, for a long time, it will be much easier to find in a supermarket a rifle than the legendary chocolate bars that have made happy generations of children around the world.


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