Sweatcoin, the app that pays you for walking

Earn money walking? Now you can and no, it’s not one of those fake news.
Already launched in the United Kingdom and United States, it will soon reach the rest of Europe. The operation is simple: every 1,000 steps (obviously tracked thanks to the GPS) you gain a “sweatcoin” (to be precise, slightly less than one unit, 0.95) spendable in a virtual shop linked to the platform where there is a bit of everything: gadgets, running shoes, books, gift cards, airline miles, hi-tech products such as smartphones and televisions.

More or less with 15 “sweatcoin” you can buy goods for a value of 25 dollars, but obviously to ensure more substantial premiums you need to walk more. Much more.
Making the most of this mix of fitness tracking and micropayment will cost effort: to redeem the most expensive products in fact you will need thousands of “sweatcoins”. Assuming to travel 10 thousand steps a day, it takes several months, if not years, to reach the chosen goal.
By the way, indoor activities are not worthwhile (so no gym or other lessons indoor). Only those outdoors.

For weeks at the top of the US and UK App Store, the London-based app – which has secured about $6 million in funding – has reached the top, despite some criticism, linked for example to the fact that the step count is abundantly defective.
Despite that the total users would already be around five million.
The application has also a form of monetisation based on the advertising offers that appear to those who use it.

Speaking about cryptocurrency awards is however incorrect: “Sweatcoin” is not based on blockchain technologies, “sweatcoins” are not convertible into other currencies and it is therefore impossible to “exit” from the boarders of the application. It is, at least for the moment, a closed ecosystem that has decided to reward users who have gained more “points” with objects and services, and all this simply thanks to the daily walking.


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