Electronic music keeps mosquitoes away

Electronic music annoys mosquitoes. This is the conclusion reached by the researchers of an international team from Japan (Fukuoka), Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Cayman Islands, after having dedicated a recent study to sounds related to insect activities.

At the center of the experiment is the dubstep genus used as a repellent of Aedes aegypti which carriers yellow fever and Zika virus. Scholars conducted the experiment with the song Scary Monster and Nice Sprites by US dj Skrillex, chosen for its extreme frequencies (very high or very low). They verified that vibrations of this kind reduce attacks and the ability to reproduce in the females of the species.


The experiment consisted in subjecting groups of female mosquitoes enclosed in a cage and kept fasting for 12 hours, together with a male specimen of their species and a hamster also used as a “lab rat”.

In the meantime the music was transmitted repeatedly by a speaker near the cage.
The constantly increasing noise has worked as a disturbing action that reduces the cases of punctures, as well as inhibiting the coupling of insects. The sound is “crucial for the reproduction, survival and maintenance of the population of many animals”, reads the work published in the scientific journal Acta Tropica.

The observation of the effects of music capable of discouraging attack on guests, reducing the haematophagous activity of insects and disturbing their reproduction opens up new frontiers for the development of methods to control and defend diseases conveyed by mosquitoes.


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