photo 2Born in Rome on September 13, 1985, Lorenzo Perrelli has lived his childhood in the Italian capital and then moved to the United States, specifically in New York, at the age of 10 years.

Two years living overseas have allowed him to learn the language and look out to new worlds.

Returned to the base, he then spent his youth, high school and university, among the “Roman walls” to then decide to leave them, once graduated in Political Science, to go overseas in London, where he earned a Masters Degree in Journalism, radio and television, in 2011.

After graduating he started collaborate with medias and agencies, producing various videos, features, documentaries and interviews. He produced a 15 minutes documentary on the Armenian Genocide, that was broadcasted on Sky News.

Lately he founded the production company Wawwa Productions and was also guest lecturer in universities, in London and Washington, focusing on the future of medias and the best techniques to become a freelance journalist.

He works now as a business development manager with Jupiter Ltd and No Boundaries, an international sport club based in London.

Work Experience

Business Development Manager
Video Maker

Online Journalist: Covering live sport events.

Production Manager: Producing advertisements, documentaries, short films, photo-shoots for brands, start-ups and companies. – http://www.wawwaproductions.com/

SIAL (La Scuola Italiana a Londra) – September 2017 to August 2019
Positions: –
Teaching Assistant (TA) – Italian tutor – Video making teacher – Video maker.

LOCAL FREDDIE LTD. – July 2016 to June 2017
Video maker and producer: Video producer for a touristic start up based in London. – https://www.localfreddie.com/

GSL Education – Current
Position: Teacher assistant and exam invigilator.

UNIVERSITY OF WESTMINSTER – General assistant – Current
Position: Assisting winter and summer classes studying medias and creative industries.

– University of Westminster (London)
– Wake Forest University (Washington)
Topic: The evolution of freelance journalism and how to sell stories to big medias.

Video Producer: Covering live events from one of the most famous festivals in the world.

SKY TG 24 – Video maker and producer – April 2015
Useful link (link for complete documentary available on request):

L’ESPRESSO  Video maker and producer – June 2014 to May 2016
Useful links:
1) http://espresso.repubblica.it/internazionale/2014/06/05/news/assad-festeggia-il-voto-farsa-e-dal-paese-scappano-in-tre-milioni-1.168282#gallery-slider=1-168352
2) http://video.espresso.repubblica.it/tutti-i-video/referendum-in-scozia-il-giorno-in-cui-il-regno-potrebbe-non-essere-piu-unito/2994/3003?ref=HEF_RULLO
3) http://espresso.repubblica.it/attualita/2014/07/30/news/l-india-scopre-il-calcio-1.174921

CORRIERE DELLA SERA – Video maker and producer – June 2014 to May 2015
Useful links:
1) http://www.corriere.it/reportage/esteri/2014/faccia-a-faccia-con-un-leader-di-hezbollah-in-libano-altre-guerre-oltre-la-siria/
2) http://www.corriere.it/esteri/14_ottobre_23/tunisia-voto-donne-emancipazione-violenze-c1e2c2ec-5abb-11e4-a20c-1c0cce31a000.shtml

LA REPUBBLICA – Video maker and producer – August 2014 to April 2015
Useful link: http://d.repubblica.it/attualita/2014/08/10/news/interventi_estetici_beirut-2241373/

ADNKRONOS – Video maker and producer – March 2015 to February 2016
Useful links:
1) http://www.adnkronos.com/fatti/esteri/2015/03/26/dentro-islam-video-inchiesta-nella-comunita-musulmana-londra-guarda_g7rvjyhsWtsRhqaPYdoCxK.html
2) http://www.adnkronos.com/aki-it/sicurezza/2015/05/05/hezbollah-terroristi-infiltrati-tra-profughi-diretti-europa_9gzPi0Y40zpdpTgPTCN2sO.html

DAILY WORD ITALIA – News Editor – September 2012 to December 2016
News agency covering in particular the center of Italy – http://www.dailyworditalia.com/

RADIO CALCIO – Journalist – November 2014 to February 2015
Useful link: http://www.radiocalcio.com/2014/11/esclusivo-parla-sampson-coach-nazionale-inglese/

WALL STREET ITALIA – London: October 2012 to September 2014
Web Journalist: Covering daily news regarding different topics from politics to economy to science and technology and uploading videos and photos on the website.

FUTURE PLC. – London: December 2013
Translator: Translating from English to Italian a magazine called “Making Music for iPhone & iPad”.

SKY TG 24 – Rome: January 2013 to July 2013
Current News: Covering daily news, editing, researching and writing features and news story.
Sport Journalist: Covering daily news regarding different sport topics, concentrating mainly on football.

OBS (Olympic Broadcast Service) – London: June 2012 to August 2012
Liaison Officer: Assisting medias in the mix zone of the event. Asking athletes if they are willing to come for an interview. Checking if there are cameras not allowed being in the venue. Assisting operators and commentators in the commentary positions.
Technical Personnel: Assisting camera crew and operators for any problems inside and outside the field of play. Checking if everything is working during the live of the event.

RADIO RADICALE – November 2011 to June 2012
Radio Journalist: Producing and editing features and interviews regarding political and Middle East issues.

YOUROMA – Rome: January 2009 to July 2011
Video Journalist: Covering daily news regarding the city of Rome, different topics from politics, to culture, business and sport.
Video Editor: Editing video material and putting it in the web site

INSIDE ART (Art Magazine) – Rome: March 2007 to September 2008
Print Journalist: Covering different topics but mainly concentrating on the most important art exhibitions around the world.


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