The paradox of North Korea, more dangerous if dead than alive

What can be worse than a brutal regime, led by a dictator unfriendly and bloody, that starves his people, is armed to the teeth and threatens the world to become the smallest and most dangerous nuclear power?

How will the world be in 2050? More and more Asia, less and less Europe

How will the world look like in 2050? What dynamics will govern in different parts of the world? Seen it from Europe, the forecast confirm trends rather daunting and in place for already a decade. So: more Asia, in world GDP shares, and more and more countries with demographics, domestic demand and strength vehement work.

Catalonia: crucial week for independence

In seven days the autonomous community will go for the vote. Simple regional election will take place, but they could eventually turn out to be a crucial call for independence. If the coalition, Junts pel Sí (Convergencia di Artur Mas, più Esquerra Republicana), will win, a long process towards independence will start and then in…

North Korea is creating its own Time Zone

That Kim Jong-un likes to be at the centre of attention is well known. Now he’s thinking to switch North Korea to a new time zone to mark its liberation from the Japanese at the end of World War Two. Currently they are in the same time zone as South Korea and Japan, which are…

Le lettere inedite di Osama Bin Laden

Gli Stati Uniti hanno reso pubblici una serie di documenti con diversi interessanti dettagli su Osama Bin Laden, con sue parole e preoccupazioni scritte sia ai familiari che ai figli. Timori e paure per le spie occidentali e le divisioni sul fronte iracheno, preoccupato per l’immagine mediatica del gruppo che dava grande importanza alla battaglia…