Eat slowly! That’s the secret to stay fit

Who eats slowly, savouring every bite and taking time to eat meals, can count on a 42% reduction in obesity risk compared to those who consume food too quickly.
A study published in the BMJ was made on the subject and lasted six years, from 2008 to 2013. Thanks to 60 thousand people, including men and women from Japan

Who speaks two languages is more protected from Alzheimer’s disease

People who habitually speak two languages are better protected from senile dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease: the disease in fact, in bilinguals, occurs later (even 5 years later than monolinguals) and with less intense symptoms.

Beware of pimples, squeeze them can cost your life

Most people are well aware that squeeze pimples and black points may present a risk of infection, but even so, the temptation is so strong to pass the risk. But there is a particular area of our body where they usually appear more then usual and is called the triangle of danger. It might sound…

A lithium pill could make us live 10 years longer

The whole history of man is crossed by the search of elixir of eternal youth. From the medieval times up till now, there’s always been someone that tried to find, with “whatever kind of potion”, a solution. Now, in 2016, something may have come out. Three European institutions, UCL Institute of Healthy Ageing, the Max…

Migraine: finally a vaccine against headaches

Finally headache will not be a problem anymore. The solution comes from Italy were they finally manage to create a vaccine against migraine. But what is it exactly and how does it solve the problem? Those who suffer from migraines for 15 days a month and for at least three months, can benefit from this…