Electronic music keeps mosquitoes away

Electronic music annoys mosquitoes. This is the conclusion reached by the researchers of an international team from Japan (Fukuoka), Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Cayman Islands, after having dedicated a recent study to sounds related to insect activities


The tweet that shows the American paradox, yes to guns, no to Kinder eggs

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre, America continues to debate – even on Twitter – about the spread of weapons. A photo posted on the platform, in particular, points out to all an American paradox: in the United States, in fact, you can shoot freely with a rifle or gun, but you will be in trouble selling a chocolate Kinder egg

Prevista una nuova era glaciale nel 2030

Viene definita “mini” ma non c’è da stare tanto tranquilli, anche perché secondo gli scienziati il freddo e il crollo delle temperature invaderanno il nostro pianeta per diversi anni. Lo studio riportato dell’istituto britannico Met Office parla di una nuova diminuzione dell’attività solare che potrebbe portare al ripetersi del periodo conosciuto come ‘minimo di Maunder’…