The solution to enjoy your holidays till the last minute

BagApp offers travellers a network of storage rooms, located in the city centre and close to public transports, where you can leave your bags and visit the city hands free.


The innovative touristic guide to visit London

Youthful and innovative, there are infinite start-ups, but there is one in particular that is trying to change the complex world of travel guides. For now only available in London, Local Freddie is the first start up in the market, also app, offering a unique and engaging way of visiting the city. Forget the maps…

Singapore awarded as best information technology country

According to the Global Information Technology Report 2016, the index that measures how economies use the opportunities offered by information and communications technologies (ICT) to improve the competitiveness and well-being, that has been published by the World Economic Forum, Singapore was awarded with the first place, ahead of Finland, Sweden, Norway and the United States.…