Study accuses Facebook & co: ”Millennials are victims of social perfectionism”

Millennials, those born more or less from the beginning of the Eighties to the end of the Nineties, have fully experienced the IT revolution, especially the web and according to a survey published in the “Psychologycal Bullettinsare” they are more likely than other generations to focus on perfectionism


The “Unlike” button lands on Facebook

For years and years we heard about this rumour but only now is becoming reality: coming soon to Facebook a button that lets you express emotions beyond the iconic thumbs up. Founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement: Facebook will have a “dislike” button as a companion to its “like” button. Many people…

I social network aumentano l’invidia tra le persone

Facebook conta più di un miliardo di utenti, si tratta della “terza popolazione al mondo” dopo la Cina e l’India ma, bisogna essere sinceri, produce anche moltissima invidia tra le persone. In effetti sono sempre di più le persone che nel visitare i profili dei loro contatti soffrono d’invidia (a causa di foto, video o leggendo status).Lo studio, condotto dai…