The tweet that shows the American paradox, yes to guns, no to Kinder eggs

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre, America continues to debate – even on Twitter – about the spread of weapons. A photo posted on the platform, in particular, points out to all an American paradox: in the United States, in fact, you can shoot freely with a rifle or gun, but you will be in trouble selling a chocolate Kinder egg


The US presidential budget elections

Smaller budget sometimes can also lead to victory. It has been very rare in the US presidential true, and last time it happened was with Carter in 1976, where he won the election running on a smaller budget than his rival. But what is the situation in 2016? Well the data’s are $96.2m Trump versus $374.3m…

Il film che rischia di far scoppiare una guerra

Questa volta potrebbero averla fatta grossa. Non manca molto all’uscita di un film che, seppur divertente, potrebbe scatenare oltre a polemiche, dei rischi molto più seri, addirittura una guerra. Si tratta di “The Interview”, commedia americana in uscita il prossimo autunno dove James Franco e Seth Roger interpretano due giornalisti che riescono ad entrare in…